The Story

Born and raised in a small town in northern Wisconsin, Samantha moved to Colorado in 2011 searching for beautiful mountains and wonderful people.  After trekking throughout the state, Sam felt most at home in the mountains.  In the beautiful town of Bailey, she saw a wonderful opportunity and founded the Crow Hill Cafe.  Having a decade of experience in the food industry, Sam felt confident in taking on the challenge of business ownership.  After many hours of hard work and the help of close friends and family, the Crow Hill Cafe became a dream come true.

The building needed some love and care, and Sam, along with a dedicated crew, was ready to put in the work.  A new flat top grill was installed, walls were built, things were painted.  In less than three weeks, the “to do list” was completed and the doors of Crow Hill Cafe were opened.

With positive comments and helpful feedback, the Crow Hill Cafe continues to evolve with the support of the community. The Crow Hill Cafe crew remains committed to providing  great food, delicious drinks, and an upbeat atmosphere for all who visit.